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Puma Future 19.5 Mens Shin Pads



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Product Specifics
Puma Future 19.5 Men's Shin Pads – a combination of cutting-edge protection and performance-focused design, engineered to enhance your on-field experience by providing top-notch protection without sacrificing mobility or comfort.

Key Features:

1. Innovative Protective Technology: The Puma Future 19.5 Shin Pads are crafted with advanced protective technology to shield your shins from impacts and collisions. This innovative design minimizes the risk of injuries, allowing you to play with confidence.

2. Dynamic Design: These shin pads feature a dynamic and anatomical design that contours to the shape of your legs. This tailored fit ensures minimal interference with your movements, giving you the freedom to maneuver with agility.

3. Secure Fastening System: The shin pads are equipped with a secure fastening system that includes adjustable straps. This system ensures a snug fit that stays in place during even the most intense moments of the game.

4. Enhanced Breathability: The Puma Future 19.5 Shin Pads incorporate ventilation channels to promote airflow and prevent overheating. This design feature enhances comfort by keeping your legs cool throughout your matches and practices.

5. Moisture Management: The built-in moisture-wicking lining helps manage sweat, keeping your skin dry and minimizing discomfort caused by moisture. This feature is especially important during high-intensity activities.

6. Distinctive Branding: The Puma logo and branding elements are strategically integrated into the shin pads' design, reflecting Puma's dedication to quality and innovative sports gear.

7. Versatile Performance: Designed for a range of sports, from soccer to rugby, the Puma Future 19.5 Men's Shin Pads are versatile and reliable, ensuring your safety and performance during competitive play.

Product Specifics

Material: Textile
Colour: Multicolour
Gender: Mens
MPN: 030763 01

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