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Adidas Originals The Ultimate Cleaning 30 Wipes

VENDOR: Adidas


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30 Wipes

Product Specifics
Adidas Originals "The Ultimate Cleaning" 30 Wipes, the convenient and effective solution for keeping your sneakers looking fresh and clean on the go. Crafted by the iconic Adidas Originals brand, these wipes are designed to provide quick and easy cleaning for your cherished kicks, no matter where your adventures take you.

Key Features:
Quick and Convenient: These cleaning wipes offer a hassle-free way to refresh your sneakers anytime, anywhere. With 30 wipes included in each pack, you can easily stash them in your bag, car, or desk drawer for on-the-spot cleaning whenever you need it.
Gentle Cleaning Formula: Formulated with a gentle yet effective cleaning solution, these wipes are safe for use on a variety of sneaker materials, including leather, suede, canvas, and mesh. They effectively remove dirt, dust, and light stains without causing damage to the material, leaving your sneakers looking clean and revitalized.
Portable and Travel-Friendly: Whether you're traveling, hitting the gym, or running errands around town, these compact cleaning wipes are the perfect companion for keeping your sneakers looking fresh on the fly. Simply grab a wipe whenever your shoes need a quick touch-up, and enjoy the convenience of instant cleaning wherever you are.
Versatile Application: Suitable for a wide range of sneaker styles and brands, these wipes are ideal for keeping all your favorite kicks looking their best. Whether you're rocking classic Adidas Originals designs or other sneaker brands, these wipes provide a universal cleaning solution for maintaining your footwear collection.
Authentic Adidas Originals Quality: As part of the Adidas Originals lineup, these cleaning wipes are backed by the brand's reputation for quality and performance. Trust in Adidas Originals to provide the best care for your sneakers, ensuring they stay looking fresh and clean with every wipe.
Product Specifics

Colour: White/Blue
Gender: Men

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